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1800 Destiny

1800DESTINY produces the best Curved Vane Telescope Spiders available. Our spiders have been installed in small home scopes to large professional-grade telescopes. Our designs are proven, and stable; our selection is diverse enough to fit almost any application. But don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say:

"Hans, I received the curved spider during the week - thanks. I installed it yesterday, and used it for the first time last night. It is great to have a piece of kit work like is says on the "tin". I did the rounds of a few binaries, at high magnification - where I used to see bright stars as distinct crosses or a dot with perpendicular diffraction spikes, I now see points. The greatest difference however, came when I looked at Saturn. What I used to see at high magnification was always spoilt by a bands of light, the width of the planet that went from top to bottom, and fully across the field of view. These are gone, and the image sharpness is also significantly improved.


"My dad was skeptical when I told him about it, but he took one look at mars and was a convert too."


"But my favorite and best “bang for the buck” modification to a Newtonian telescope is to replace the straight spider/secondary mount with a 1800Destiny Curved spider."

"installing a 1800destiny spider is the best modification I ever did to my scope. There's no more annoying diffraction spikes around bright objects, and even the sky around Jupiter at high power is jet black. Also, they're much easier to install and adjust than single vane curved spiders. If you want an "APO on steroids" planetary performance on your Newtonian reflector, I'd very highly recommend 1800destiny Curved Spiders."

    Erik Wilcox